Supporting new ukrainian immigrants and refugees in Israel

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Supporting new ukrainian immigrants and refugees in Israel

In just a few short days, families throughout Israel will gather together for the Passover Seder. This is a time to remember where we came from and where we are now, to awe and give thanks for the goodness and faithfulness of the God of Israel who miraculously brought the children of Israel out from Egypt “with a mighty hand and outstretched arm.” For centuries Jews have longingly said “next year in Jerusalem” on Passover, dreaming of the day could return to the Land of their inheritance, and it is with great joy and reverence that we now celebrate here in the modern state of Israel.

With this in mind, it is a great privilege and responsibility to embrace and help the Olim (new immigrants) now pouring in from Ukraine and Russia. So far, nearly 12,000 Ukrainian Jews have come to Israel as Olim or as eligible to make Aliyah from Ukraine and Russia, and these numbers are quickly rising.

Most families come with only one suitcase and cannot make ATM withdrawals to access their funds, which means they need help with literally everything in these early days in Israel. Our team has been very actively helping by providing beds, furniture, clothing, hygiene supplies, and other essential items to the incoming families.

This month we commenced a new “Housewarming Boxes” project to also provide a large box packed with new towels, bedding, pillows, and cookware for incoming immigrants and refugees. Everything helps, but we have determined these specific items to be most useful for the families arriving with nothing.

Healthy Food for the Holiday

Just in time for Passover, we have packed boxes of healthy ingredients for nutritious meals for vulnerable communities and are already distributing them to communities in need. Oftentimes, holidays exacerbate the financial burden of those already struggling, so this is a practical way to help ease the burden and honor those receiving help by giving high-quality food. More updates to come as we continue to distribute in the coming days.

We wish you a happy and blessed Passover and Easter season,

Joel Chernoff – Founder/Board Chairman and…
The Joseph Project Team