Joseph Project: Year End Update

Humanitarian Aid

Joseph Project: Year End Update

Over the past year, The Joseph Project has facilitated more than 700 distinct aid deliveries to over 300 partner organizations, municipalities, and medical facilities.

These efforts have addressed diverse needs across Israeli society without distinction based on race or religion, benefiting over 100,000 individuals! Most likely, these numbers are higher, but in the chaos of war and the emergency relief sent abroad to Turkey and Ukraine, we cannot track the full scope of reach at this point.



At the onset of the year, a catastrophic earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, causing immense loss of life and displacing 2 million people during the harsh winter months. In swift response, our team provided crucial logistics and supply chain support, facilitating extensive shipments of humanitarian aid to the most affected areas of Turkey. Collaborating with Israeli partners, we airlifted and shipped over 75,000 essential items such as coats, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, and medical supplies, offering immediate relief to the displaced. This experience proved invaluable, preparing us to respond effectively to the current crisis in Israel following October 7th.


Supporting New Immigrants

Throughout 2023, it has been our privilege to provide thousands of furniture items, mattresses, household items, food, and other essentials to new immigrants in Israel.

Orphan Sunday

As in previous years, we organized a volunteer day to mark Orphan Sunday, dedicated to raising awareness for orphans, children in the system, and at-risk youth while undertaking acts of kindness for these vulnerable groups in Israel. However, this year, amid war, we could not host the event at our logistics center due to heightened wartime activity, so we relocated the service day to the Emergency Tent. Here, we assembled just under 200 boxes filled with toys, engaging activities for children, and essential stable ingredients for foster and adoptive families. All these provisions were charitably donated to a local children’s village, a haven for over 200 children and adolescents from the surrounding area, including children and youth evacuated from group homes in the southern region.


‍Earlier in the year, we partnered with S.A.H.I., an organization dedicated to at-risk youth – providing mentorship and a positive and supportive community where they can thrive and grow. Together, they participate in various charitable volunteer work to give back to the community, teaching the youth about the joy and purpose that can be found through caring for others, choosing to take on responsibility, and actively looking for ways to help. Every week, the S.A.H.I. youth collect, pack, and anonymously donate boxes of food to families in need.To help make the boxes especially nutritious and festive for Tu’Be’Shvat (Israel’s New Year for the trees, which marks the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle.), we partnered with them to fill their boxes with delicious and nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, tahini, silan (date honey), walnuts, apricots, and oats!