Israel/Ukrainian Refugee Report

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Israel/Ukrainian Refugee Report

March was a big month for us! The Joseph Project carried out 50 dispatches/deliveries to 64 Israeli beneficiary organizations (at least 15 of those organizations work directly with Ukrainian refugees and provide them with beds, furniture, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc. that they receive from Joseph Project). In total, we donated over 1 million dollars (₪3,218,450) worth of charitable goods, including various financial donations towards food programs around the country (detailed in a separate report).


Below is a brief summary of the dispatches:

By Your Side Association (SD) – furniture, sorted golf, coffee, masks, radiator, week planners, household items, trash bins, cabinets, closets
Maagal Nashim 9 (SD) – sorted household items
Public Health Association (SD) –  furniture, clothing, office items, keyboards and mouses, week planners, masks
Yehi Chasdecha to the Northern County (SD) – Mattresses.
Yehi Chasdecha to the Northern County (SD) – bedding, furniture, masks, computer equipment.
Kidum Noar Beit Shemesh (SD) – Furniture, dishwasher, household goods.
KUPAT HATZDAKA (SD) – unsorted golf pallets
Bead Chaim (Mess) – clothing
Yahad /Tiferet Yeshua (Mess) – *** Funds for FOOD BASKETS to Needy (20000 nis)
Mesila (SD) – *** Funds for FOOD BASKETS to Needy (12000 nis)
Shavei Tzion (Leon Mazin) (Mess) *** Funds for FOOD BASKETS to Needy (20000 nis)
Amidar (SD) –  single & double mattresses, golf textiles
 ATZ Tziyonut  (Noam, SD) – shoes, clothing bedding & pillows, gift boxes for children
Netzer ba’midbar (Mess) – Mattresses, furniture.
ROLW ASHDOD (Mess) – mattresses
Yam Ahavato (Mess) – household goods. (designated items for ben lubitz)
Beit Halel (Mess) – Mattresses , Bed base and closets.
ROLW ASHDOD (Mess) – Mattresses , Bed base
Maayan Eilat (Mess) – SP Gifts, pillows, AD.
Way to Life Eilat (Mess) – furniture, medical supplies, AD, diapers, school supplies, clothing, microwaves, dishwasher, furniture
Way to Life Eilat (Mess) – sports gear, pillows, kitchen equip, blankets, mattresses, clothing
DIMONA Community Center (SD) – Mattresses, bedding, textiles
ROG Hadad Nahariya (Mess) – FUNDS for FOOD BASKETS *** 6000nis
City of Living (Mess) – *** 2000nis FUNDS for Radiators benefit of Needy.
ICF Church TA (Mess) – mattresses for Ukrainian refugees***
Le’Maan Tzion (Mess) – pillows and mattresses **** FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES*****
Beit Halel (Mess) – SP gifts
Maayanot Chaim (Mess) – Mattresses, Furniture.
Maayanot Chaim (Mess) – sing mattresses and bed sets
Yahad /Tiferet Yeshua (Mess) – Mattresses for Ukrainian Refugees *** with ICF
Ohr Simcha – Kfar Chabad (SD) – tables
Shuvu A’Chim (SD) – Tables (direct transfer from APPLIED donation)
COMPASSION & MERCY ASSOC. (Christian) – SP gift boxes
The Kibbutz Movement (SD)- mattresses and bedding.
Israel Culture Prayer Center (Mess) – pillows and gift boxes.
Baptist Village (Mess/Christian) – tables and pillows.
Hillel come out in question (SD) – bedding
Shuvu Achim (SD) – printers
Kersher Ha’Dorot (Mess) – FUNDS for FOOD BASKETS *** 14,700nis
Shavei Zion (Mess) – FUNDS for FOOD BASKETS *** 20,000 nis
SAHI (SD) – FUNDS for FOOD BASKETS *** 20,000 nis
Church of KING Jesus  Nazareth (Mess) – FUNDS for FOOD BASKETS *** 10,000 nis  Saleem Shalash
Beit Hallel Ashdod (Mess) – Furniture
ROLW Ashdod (Mess) – Mattresses and bedding pallets PANDA
Friends of Geha’a Association (SD) – Furniture, whiteboards, keyboards, lockers, office supplies, mosquito killer
NOAL HaOved VeHaLomed Youth (SD) – Furniture, keyboards, trashbin, curtains.
SAHI Teenage Welfare Club (SD) – Furniture, Fridge, plants.
Jorden River Village (SD) – Tables
ROLW Carmiel (Mess) – Mattresses and pallets of bedding and household goods
SAHI Teenage Welfare Club (SD) – Furniture,
Compassion and Mercy Associates – SP Gifts
ROLW Maalot(Mess) – Mattresses and pallets of bedding and clothing