Urgent Joseph Project Communication!


I pray this letter finds you in good health and taking care to be safe during this Coronavirus crisis.

I’m sure you would agree that these are trying, unprecedented, exciting and (I believe) prophetic times in which we live. I also believe that in the coming days, we will see that the Corona Virus Crisis (CVC) is connected to God’s prophetic plan for the redemption of Israel and the return of Yeshua and that the Joseph Project will play a major role in Jewish revival.

In the meantime, however, we are facing a possible temporary Joseph Project shutdown in April and beyond…just when Israel needs up the most.

Due to Coronavirus fears and panic, we have experienced an unprecedented 30% drop in contributions in the first quarter so far in 2020. We believe that this drop is short lived, however, our concern is that this decline could accelerate even further in the days to come and cripple our ability to function and bless the poor, sick and needy in Israel.

We are not there yet, but if we don’t find a financial solution by April 1, we will likely be forced to discontinue operations in Israel until the situation stabilizes,and our normal cash flow returns to normal.

That’ the bad news.

However, there is also great news!

The Corona Virus Crisis is giving us an equally unprecedented opportunity to expand the reach and impact of the Joseph Project both physically and spiritually for the glory of the Messiah, Yeshua.The CVC haspresented us with the greatest opportunity to advance the Good News of Yeshua in Israel in our history by serving the needs of the poor and needy in the crosshairs of this cold andand cruel Corona virus.

The Israeli government, cities and charities of Israel are coming to us for help because we have the infrastructure and capability that puts the Joseph Project in a First Responder position to help.

For example, just recently the following national and local entities asked for our help in this crisis:

Amidar–Government Welfare Housing Company
City of Beit Shemesh–Municipality Welfare Department
City of Ma’aleAdumim–Municipality Welfare Department
Helping Hand Coalition (Holocaust Survivors)
Ohr Simcha- Chabad, Slavin
Neve Michael– Orthodox home for abused kids (Hava Levine)
Goldstein Youth Village- (Judy Segal)
Israeli Flying Aid – Gal Lusky
Herzog Medical Center
Leket Food Bank (national food bank)

To name just a few…

With God’s help – we are determined to continue ministering to our people in their hour of need!

Our financial team in Israel and here in the U.S. estimates we will need additional contribution(s) $320,000 over the next four months ($80,000 per month), specifically given to the Joseph Project,to keep our doors open and containers of aid flowing into and aid out of our warehouse during this Corona Virus crisis.

To be more precise, we will need $80,000 by April 1 in order to keep the lights on and Joseph Project aid flowing to the poor, sick and needy through April. The same for May and so forth.

We stand ready; but need help.

If you feel God leading you to partner with us, please click on the Donate button below. Every gift, large and small may make the difference between staying open through the corona virus crisis or unfortunately having to close our doors.

The love of and support of Christians and Messianic Jews such as yourself is the difference maker as we move towards Israel’s national redemption.

Please – we need to hear from you now.

Your partner and friend for the restoration of Israel,

Joel Chernoff
Founder/Board Chairman, Joseph Project
General Secretary/MJAA