The Joseph Project: An update since the war started.

The Joseph Project: An update since the war started.

The Joseph Project has been heartened by the prayerful and financial support from our global friends and donors, enabling us to consistently provide crucial aid to those facing significant hardship. Your support has made a tangible difference for many families and communities during this challenging season. “I will bless those who bless you” Genesis 12:3a

Here are some specific ways your contributions have helped:

Swift provision of immediate aid to southern communities right after the October 7th attack. Our logistics team distributed emotional relief items like toys, games, and group activities to children in shelters and evacuated families in hotels across the country, as well as blankets, pillows, and mattresses.

Assistance for thousands of soldiers, many of whom were drafted at a moment’s notice and lacking essential items, through the provision of thermal clothing, socks, briefs, digital watches, power banks (for phones and electronics), flashlights, hygiene products, sleeping bags, towels, field mattresses, protective gear, portable radios, backpacks, solar chargers, an industrial refrigerator for food storage, and more.

Support for thousands of displaced families nationwide, supplying food, clothing, furniture, diapers, hygiene supplies, books, toys, mattresses, cleaning materials, and essential kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, toasters, electric kettles, dishwashers, and more.

Logistics aid in relocating entire schools from the Gaza envelope communities, supporting the moving of a local bicycle business from Be’eri to central Israel to allow the business owner to continue to make a living, and helping establish a recreational space for wounded soldiers and October 7th survivors at a recovery hospital.

Collaboration with local organizations to establish the ‘Emergency Tent’, a centralized logistics hub and call center for nationwide aid distribution.

Provision of essential goods to residents in high-risk areas, like Kiryat Shmona in the north, where access to essentials has become limited due to most residents evacuating and the closures of many businesses.

Continued support for new immigrants, providing them with furniture, clothing, household items, diapers, and kitchen utensils as immigration, amazingly enough, continues even during the war.

Distribution of staple foods and thousands of boxes of healthy ingredients to soldiers in the field, displaced families, those facing severe financial hardship, and residents in the south dealing with mental health challenges and PTSD during the war.

Importation and donation of over a million diapers to displaced families with infants.

Support the community of Be’eri (a community severely affected by the October 7th attack) to provide new clothing for the winter for all the evacuated residents.