The Daily Nosh – Hosea 13: 4-7

Yet I have been Adonai your God since the land of Egypt. You should know no God but Me and there is no Savior apart from Me. I Myself knew you in the wilderness, in a land of terrible drought. While they were fed, they were satisfied. Filled, their hearts became haughty. Therefore, they forgot me. So, I became like a lion to them – like a leopard lying in wait by the way. Hosea 13: 4-7

Nosh: Prosperity and success can produce prideful self-reliance and a false sense of security leading one to foolishly forget that it is God who is the true source of our blessing and strength. God warns that such pride angers Him and moves Him to judgment by removing the blessing He has given. I have found it best to remind myself that whatever successes I experience in life; it is wise to give God the credit. “For God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (I Peter 5:5) (TLV)

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