The Daily Nosh – Genesis 1:11

Then God said, “Let the land sprout grass, green plants yielding seed, fruit trees making fruit, each according to it species with seed in it, upon the land.” And so it happened. (TLV) Genesis 1:11

Nosh: From the creation of the world, God established a law in the natural that also governs the social and spiritual world in which we live. Whatever we plant or sow in ourselves or others is what we will harvest. Whether for good or evil, it is what we harvest. If we sow good and Godly seed, we reap a harvest of life. If we sow seeds of sin and immorality, we produce a harvest of conflict, shame and destruction. Knowing that this law is absolute, I try to be very careful of what seed I allow to be introduced in my life. The reward is an increasingly blessed life.

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