The Daily Nosh – Deuteronomy 7:17-18

(17) Suppose you say in your heart, “These nations are more numerous than I – how can I drive them out?”” (18) You are not to be afraid of them. You are to be sure to remember what Adonai (the Lord) your God did to Pharoah and to all Egypt: (TLV) 



The wisdom here is that we counter or confront fear of apparently overwhelming present or future challenges in our lives by remembering past deliverances and victories God has given us. Scripture is constantly reminding us that God is bigger, much bigger than any challenge coming in our direction. Remembering God’s past greatness in our lives, choosing to continue trusting in Him and courageously moving forward in the face of overwhelming challenges that confront us, pleases God and motivates Him to go before us and assure our success! 

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