Joseph Project: Passover Seder for lone soldiers in Israel.

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Lone soldiers hold a special place in our hearts, and we have tremendous respect for the sacrifice they make serving without the support system of family. Many are young adults who have moved to Israel on their own to serve in the IDF, and some are Israelis who, for various reasons, have no family support system to come home to. For many years, it has been our practice at Joseph Project to honor and bless lone soldiers when we can, including during the major holidays, when a lack of family is more acutely felt.

This Pesach, we teamed up with a partner organization to host a festive Seder meal for 60 soldiers (although some combat soldiers were called away during the dinner due to the ongoing security tensions). A joyful evening was had by all, filled with many beloved Passover traditions and songs, delicious food, good company, and lots of fun goodies for the soldiers that we donated for the occasion to bless them in a meaningful and practical way and remind them that they are remembered and appreciated (including mobile chargers, hygiene supplies, clothing, shoes, bedding, tactical eyewear, and more.)