One Time Gift

Generous donors like you allow us to continue to our humanitarian aid work in Ethiopia and Israel and ministry world wide.

A staggering 1.7 million Israelis including over 900,000 children– live at or below the poverty line, making Israel one of the countries with the highest poverty rates of all the developed nations in the world. And because of terrorism and threats from neighboring nations, much of Israel’s resources are used for national defense. This leaves less and less funding for critically needed social services to help the poor and needy. This is where we make a difference.

In Ethiopia, we have built 16 water wells in villages such as Gondar, Areb Gebeya, and Motta and are building 2 more this year. We need $17,000 to build each new well and it will bless 200 households and up to 1500 individuals in the community.