Frequently Asked Questions

Messiah Conference FAQs

When is the Day & Evening Schedule available?

Full Schedule available Mid-May

What is the college campus like? What do I need?

Messiah University is a large and hilly campus. You will be doing a lot of walking. Please bring appropriate walking shoes. If you require a scooter, this service is not provided by the college or the MJAA. Each attendee will need to make arrangements with their insurance provider and a local Medical Supply company.
For scooter rentals one local vendor is Butler Mobility Products (717)938-4253. Limited supply. For those age 65+, check with your health care provider for coverage.

Where is on-site Registration/check in?

Upon arrival to Messiah University campus, signage will direct you to Registration/Check-in at Jordan Science Center Building.
The hours are:

Sunday, July 2nd
Monday-Friday, July 3-7
8:00AM-9:30AM 1:30PM - 4:00PM 9:00PM-10:00PM
Saturday, July 8
8:00AM- 9:00AM, 1:30PM-3:00PM
Sunday, July 9
KEY/ACCESS CARD RETURN 6:00 am – 10:00 am

What is campus housing like?

Please be aware that these are empty, college style Dorms and Apartments. Please bring any amenities you may want during the week. (for ex. Cookware, utensils, cups, hangers, extra towels, soap, shampoo…)
Dorms: Per Floor Amenities – Elevators, Lounge area, kitchen area with sink, refrigerator, stove. Handicap accessible bathrooms (2 per floor) with sinks, private showers, toilets.
If floor is a designated Family floor; 1 Men’s and 1 Women’s bathroom per floor.
If floor is designated all Women’s or all Men’s floor; then both bathrooms designated for that gender.
Dorm Rooms include –

  • Most dorms have 2 beds, a few have 3,
  • Per person: dresser, desk, closet area (no hangers)
  • Bedding (disposable sheets/pillowcases), pillow, blanket, towel

Apartments: NO ELEVATORS, almost all apartments will have some steps (only a few Handicap Accessible apartments)
- Apartments include ->

  • 1 Bedroom Apt = 2 single Beds
  • 2 Bedroom Apt = 4 single Beds

- If extra bed required, an air mattress is recommended.

  • 2 per Bedroom: dresser, desk, closet area (no hangers)
  • Bedding (disposable sheets/pillowcases), pillow, blanket, towel
  • Private Bathroom
  • Small sitting area, kitchen area, table
  • Refrigerator, sink, stove

Are there grocery stores and pharmacies near the campus?

Nearby there are convenience stores, Giant Supermarket, a CVS pharmacy, gas station, restaurants and a shopping mall all between 5 to 15 minutes from campus.

Important: What do I need to know about room keys and meal/access cards?

Room keys and plastic electronic Meal/Access Cards must be returned before you leave or there will be an assessment of $80.00 per unreturned key/card fee applied to your credit card.
Keys and cards can be returned to Registration in the Jordan Science Center during Registration Hours or at the Welcome Desk outside the Brubaker Auditorium, in the Eisenhower Campus Center.

Contact us at:
    P.O. BOX 274
    PA 19064