Leket National Food Bank of Israel

This past Tuesday our team was invited to visit Leket, the national food bank of Israel, which recovers and distributes huge amounts of food to needy Israelis.  Leket has a distribution network of nearly 200 partners.  Three times we have given them significant numbers of soup-mix barrels, which have in turn gone around the country. They have been quite pleased with the response their partners have given them, so they invited us to take a look at their operation.  Leket employs 100 people and thousands of volunteers yearly. Needless to say, we were all very impressed and believe we could learn from them.  

leket-2All their food comes from within Israel.  It came up that they are also often offered high quality furniture from Israeli hotels and businesses as well as new clothing and other things which they do not want to deal with.  After discussing the matter, they now are open to passing on some of these kinds of goods to us.  The very next day one of their officials visited us in Har Tuv to see our operations.  The result is that this coming week they will send a truck of new clothing.  We then will need to be able to remove the price tags and distribute them in a way that meets Leket’s standards. 

Leket is highly regarded in Israel. This could be a very significant development for us, especially at this time when our container supply is restricted. 

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