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While Israel is a modern, technologically-advanced nation, almost 25% of the population (over 1.7 million people including over 900,000 children) live below the poverty line - this is one of the highest rates among all developed nations!
Much of this poverty can be attributed to Israel's high cost of living and low wages, the 24/7 need for border and internal security, and the tens of thousands of immigrants that Israel absorbs each year from diverse regions and cultures, often with no belongings but the clothes on their back, who face significant challenges to adapt in Israel.
Since its establishment in 2000, Joseph Project has distributed over $100 million in humanitarian aid to Israel's neediest populations, including Holocaust survivors, handicapped persons, impoverished individuals and families, victims of terror, IDF soldiers, single-parent families, homeless, recovery centers, orphans, and more; bringing hope and relief to thousands.

Making an Impact In The State of Israel

Our Logistics Center is strategically located in the heart of the country, allowing our team the ability to offer relief on a nation-wide scale to provide humanitarian aid during times of national crisis.

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Making an Impact in the Nation of Israel

Our Logistics Center is strategically located in the heart of the country, adjacent to highways connecting Israel's southern and northern-most points, allowing our logistics team the ability to offer relief on a nation-wide scale, and making our warehouse uniquely equipped to provide humanitarian aid during times of national crisis.
Working closely with a growing network of independent relief centers, as well as private and government organizations, Joseph Project provides basic life necessities such as clothing, furniture, medical supplies, diapers, food, blankets, toys, household goods, and more - allowing our recipients the ability to live a dignified life despite their trying circumstances, and receive tangible encouragement that they are not alone.
​ As a 3rd Party Logistics Center and non-governmental organization, we serve as a logistics hub helping and connecting business corporations who would donate surplus goods for example, government institutions, whether welfare agencies or seized goods for example, and other nonprofit organizations, creating an ecological system of sustainability to channel goods to those in need.
​ We work as a nonprofit with other nonprofits, to be more efficient and effective - we deliver the goods, and partner organizations monitor the people on the receiving end and report back to us. Our network of nonprofit organizations and social workers grows constantly, and we learn from each other, how to operate better, what the needs are, and how to make a difference in and as Israel.

Joseph Project's Partners



Chief Executive Officer

As a hub for social start-ups, we at Eretz-Ir love to cooperate with Joseph Project on a national-scale to bring goods to several organizations, and our developing a joint project together called Social Delivery. This operation is based on the shared value of sustainability. This is a high impact project that will change society.



Israel Flying Aid
Chief Executive Officer

In 2016 IFA approached the Joseph Project confidentially for a historic assistance operation from the citizens of Israel to the citizens of Syria, through the Golan Heights, with the help of the IDF. They understood the significance of saving lives of innocents, including women and children, in the horrible war just across the border, and understood that the assistance to the Syrians would directly strengthen the state of Israel. The intense assistance constituted transport of hundreds of tons of critical supplies, building a hospital, equipment for handicapped persons, dried foods, warm clothing, baby products, and more.



Helping Hands Coalition
Chief Executive Officer

Helping Hand Coalition is privileged to be partnering with Joseph Project in providing humanitarian aid to the Holocaust survivors and other populations in need in Israel. We are grateful for the humanitarian supplies that are being able to be shipped through Joseph Project and appreciative of their efforts and commitment in delivering them to the people who truly need it the most in the Land.

What are our friends and partners are saying about the Joseph Project in Israel?

Ariel Shraibman, ENOSH - The Israeli Mental Health Association:

I would like to thank you for your generous support for our hostels, including blankets, pillows and bedding sets. Your support will help us further improve the quality of life of mentally ill patients by allowing them to experience an independent life and to gain new and important life skills within the supportive housing frameworks.

Yair Yaesh, Bnei Ayish Welfare Department:

I wish to personally thank you for your contribution to the welfare of senior citizens and holocaust survivors on Rosh Ha'Shana. Most of them barely get by supported only by government stipends, while your help brings physical and also emotional comfort to their loneliness during the holidays!

Nicole Jansezian, Christian Friends of Shalva:

A big thank you from the staff of Shalva. I have heard many wonderful reports about the gifts that you gave to Shalva, the booster seats and the teddy bears. What an outpouring of love especially during the Hanukkah season. Those gifts really came in on time for many families and made the holiday season a lot brighter. The booster seats are extremely practical for our families and will make a big difference for them in their daily lives.

Yisrael Tsadikeryoh, Yad Le Arad:

We thank you in the name of the needy families of Arad. We are happy and proud to receive your contributions, which express your appreciation for us. You have helped our efforts to provide food to poor families in Arad, repairs to residents of senior homes and transporting handicapped persons for special treatment outside our town.

Shirazi family, Argazim Neighborhood:

We wish to thank you from deep in our hearts for your work and contribution to the residents of the neighborhood. We are full of appreciation for your generosity and goodwill that day you distributed packages of goods to families here. May the world be full of people like you. You have brought us joy and satisfaction. Be blessed.

Shani Abrams Simkovitz, Executive Director of Gush Etzion Foundation:

On behalf of the Mayor of Gush Etzion Mr. Davidi Perl I would like to thank you for your generosity. Your organization does amazing things. Thank you for the tour and meeting your wonderful and committed staff. Kol ha’kavod!

Benjy Maor, International Resource Director of Beit Issie Shapiro:

Our children and families are so blessed to have the Joseph Project care and support. Your generosity to the children of Beit Issie Shapiro and their families truly made a difference – as you work for the spiritual and physical restoration of Israel. Thank you!

Dorit, Social Worker in Beit El:

Thank you for the donation of furniture to our after school facilities for children at risk and families in Beit El. Thank you to all those who took part in this wonderful and exciting project. All the items we received were beautiful, clean and in great condition. May you continue your generous work.

Michael Barkan, Deputy Mayor of Afula:

"I wish to thank you and the Joseph Project for distributing goods and furniture to new immigrants residing in the city of Afula. Well done, yashar ko'ach!"

Flavia Sevald, Jerusalem Institute of Justice:

"We wish to thank you for partnering in the Lone Soldiers project. The soldiers were very happy and excited to receive all the new clothing and shoes. It is a great privilege for us that you are our friends!"

Suzy Marciano, Welfare Department - Ofakim:

"Thank you for your generous contribution, for the communal event in Ofakim during which we distributed to six hundred residents of our town, who walked away so happy and excited. Thank you for leading this initiative and this connection so that more people would receive help in such a dignified and sensitive manner.

Benny Kashriel, Mayor of Ma'ale Adumim:

"Jim my friend, I wish to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for helping families in our city harmed by the fire. With your help, they can return home comfortably. I pray that G-d willing you will continue to bring mercy to all the people of Israel."

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