Joseph Project Healthy Food Program Expands

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We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Joseph Project Healthy Food Program, which includes the implementation of healthy food workshops. These workshops are designed to simplify and make healthy food choices accessible to those who need it most.
This initiative has been a labor of love, responding to the immediate needs of households in need and providing them with tools for long-term, lasting benefits.
The professional teams at these centers have provided heartwarming reports on the enthusiastic response of patients to the care packages. The simple but healthy ingredients provided in the food parcels, along with clear nutritional information and easy recipes, are bridging the gap and making healthy food more accessible! From a therapeutic standpoint, this holds tremendous significance and has great potential to positively impact the overall well-being of the patients and their family members.

In one of their units dedicated to supporting youth in addiction recovery, the team organized a special activity using healthy ingredients provided by the Joseph Project. Together with the adolescents, they made homemade hummus using tahini, chickpeas, and olive oil from the healthy food parcels. This fun and empowering group activity not only resulted in a delicious outcome (as pictured above), but it also provided the participants with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Through this process, they discovered their own capabilities in creating something both healthy and tasty!.

In all of our endeavors, we aim to offer meaningful assistance that brings tangible relief and comfort, and, above all, serves as a beacon of love and compassion for those in times of need. We are immensely grateful for your prayers and generous support, as they play a vital role in making this work possible.