Jewish Ukrainian War Updates

Supporting New Immigrants and Refugees in Israel

Dates: April 15th, 2022
The Joseph Project Team

It is a great privilege and responsibility to embrace and help the Olim (new immigrants) now pouring in from Ukraine and Russia. So far, nearly 12,000 Ukrainian Jews have come to Israel as Olim or as eligible to make Aliyah from Ukraine and Russia, and these numbers are quickly rising.

Israel/Ukrainian Refugee Report

Dates: April 11th, 2022
Rebekah Orlev (Office Manager/Israel)

As you know, March was a big month for us! The Joseph Project carried out 50 dispatches/deliveries to 64 Israeli beneficiary organizations (at least 15 of those organizations work directly with Ukrainian refugees and provide them with beds, furniture, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc. that they receive from Joseph Project). In total, we donated over 1 million dollars (₪3,218,450) worth of charitable goods, including various financial donations towards food programs around the country (detailed in a separate report).

Helping Ukrainian Immigrants

Dates: March 22, 2022
Joseph Project Team

Just over a month ago, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, sparking a crisis that, tragically, rages on today. As many of you may know, Ukraine has (or had) a Jewish population of approximately 200,000 people. Those who have been able have fled, and immigration to Israel is going up fast!

3/29/2022 Jewish Ukrainian War Emergency Update (8)

Dates: March 29th, 2022
Rebekah Orlev (Office Manager)

Below is a brief report from our staff Israel illustrating the growing need of Jewish refugees who, after fleeing war torn Ukraine, are immigrating to Israel. God has given the Joseph Project the humble and honored position of being in the right place at the right time to serve these many of these refugees.

3/26/2022 Jewish Ukrainian War Emergency Update (7)

Dates: March 26, 2022
Rebekah Orlev (Office Manager/Israel) 

Yesterday, we helped to establish a “stress-relief / active educational center” for children and youth at Lublin Hotel, which has been converted to a refugees center for Ukrainians. Thanks to Joseph Project,

3/21/2022 Jewish Ukrainian War Emergency Update (6)

Dates: March 21, 2022
Rebekah Orlev / Office Manager, Joseph Project

Since the beginning of March, God has enabled the Joseph Project to supply aid in the form of beds, furniture, household items, hygiene supplies, diapers, clothing, etc. to 11 different organizations working directly with Ukrainian refugees

Jewish Ukrainian War Update

Ukraine war report # 4

Dates: March 14, 2022
Hank Rich, Chairman-Joseph Project Israel Board of Directors

I landed in Israel on Feb. 28 to a whirlwind of activity. (The war in Ukraine started on February 24.) My entire itinerary; which was set weeks ago, as part of my regular visits was changed so I could meet with leaders and partners in Israel.

JP on Moldava/Ukraine Border

Dates: March 9, 2022
Shmuel Salway – Executive Director – Joseph Project/Israel

The Joseph Project is now engaging in strategic partnerships with other Messianic aid agencies active in Moldova, Poland and Romania. Just yesterday, the JP team, a joint effort with  Israel Pochtar (Voice of Judah – Ashdod), arrived in Moldova and found an apartment close to the border with Ukraine.

Joseph Project/Poland Ukraine Border Report

Dates: March 1-5, 2022
Tomer Shemesh (Director – Joseph Project/Social Delivery – Israel)

On March 1, Tomer Shemesh flew to Poland on behalf of Joseph Project on a five-day mission to provide humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands (including thousands of Jewish refugees) fleeing from Ukraine to Poland. At the time of the trip, Joseph Project was the only independent (non-state) organization providing aid at the border…

Summary of Situation and Joseph Project’s Opportunity to Aid Our People in this Dark Hour

Dates: March 1, 2022

  • Russia is making full scale war on the Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Jews are fighting against Russia on behalf of Ukraine.
  • All able bodied Jewish men have been conscripted to fight with the Ukrainian army against Russia.
  • Unknown thousands of Ukrainian Jews are crossing the Polish/Ukrainian border in sub-zero weather.
  • Most arrive without their husbands or fathers.

Joseph Project

Since its establishment in 2000, Joseph Project has distributed over $100 million in humanitarian aid to Israel's neediest populations

MJAA Ethiopia Relief

Bringing life-saving assistance to the "Betta Israel", the Jews of Ethiopia

MJAA Israel Forest Relief

The Messianic Israel Forest Project was created to restore Israel’s lush and fruitful forests in response to the many thousands of acres devastated and to further beautify the Land of Israel.