Humanitarian Aid: New Immigrants in Kiryat Gath

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Humanitarian Aid in Israel

Humanitarian Aid: New Immigrants in Kiryat Gath

Our work continues. We held a small event for 200 families in Kiryat Gath, 30 minutes approximately from Gaza. This city is full of Jewish immigrants. We provided healthy food, shoes and clothing, and household goods such as linen and bedding. Community organizers for the municipality work with the different immigrant communities. The Ethiopian immigrants are mostly from the last 10 years. They had a rough time in the past year’s warfare: 6 young soldiers died in Gaza. Many are still on duty, in the South or in the North. This was really felt strongly in the community. It is hard for the community, they need moral support.

It is difficult financially as well. There are many single-parent families, and many handicapped or sick members who cannot work. Social services provide assistance but it is not enough. Some factories and institutions have shut down and the workers have lost their jobs.

We also spoke with the organizer for the Indian olim. She finds the families that need help; for example with bureaucratic matters and professional opportunities. The Indian community today is a very tight knit community. They are called Bnei Yisrael. They were not properly prepared to be Israeli citizens. When they arrive here they feel like they have nothing. The government is not able to give them the attention and level of care that is necessary.
October 7th shook the lives of everyone. These people are anxious and they need help asking for things. They were traumatized coming here, the war destabilized them again. Because of the war many of them have lost their jobs. Their jobs were not high pay to begin with. The cost of living in Israel is very high. But they are motivated, especially the young people. We should give them all the help we can. The government can’t help everyone in every way. We fill that gap. Often these people are shy to ask. Some don’t have furniture and they won’t say I visit their homes and then help them. They deserve a good life.


“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”
Proverbs 3 34