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Passover Recipe: A Brisket Recipe From the Butcher’s Mother
Mar 31, 2017

For a 3-4 pound Coleman brisket:

Combine in bowl:

  •             ½ cup Muir Glen Organic Ketchup
  •             ½ cup hot water
  •             Dash the Wizard’s Worcestershire Sauce

Rub on meat:

  •             ½ teaspoon Herbamare or salt
  •             ¼ teaspoon Spice Hunter Savory Blend Pepper
  •             ½ teaspoon Szego Sweet Hungarian Paprika
  •             ½ teaspoon Spice Hunter Granulated Garlic or Garlic Powder
  •             4 Spice Hunter Bay Leaves

Slice 4 medium onions

Spread most of sliced onions on bottom of roasting pan.  Place meat on top.  Spread remainder of onions over meat.  Pour sauce over all.  Add the 4 bay leaves.  Cover and roast at 350o for 3 hours.  Allow meat to cool and place in refrigerator unsliced.

Next day – slice.  If fat has formed over gravy, skim off and discard.  Put gravy and cooked onions in blender until smooth, being sure to remove Bay Leaves before blending.  Pour over sliced meat and reheat gently in oven for approximately 30 minutes.



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