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Prophetically Relevant News
By: Matt Hagey
In: Prophetically Relevant News
May 12, 2017

On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who try to lift it will hurt themselves.  Zechartiah 12:3

The context of this passage is the prophetic period called the end of days just before the Messiah’s return to Jerusalem. According to Scripture, Jerusalem is not only Israel’s eternal capital but also God’s capitol and the place to which He returns and rules for 1000 years. It is no wonder that Jerusalem would increasingly be the focus of world-wide attention as prophecy is fulfilled and the Messiah’s return looms large.

President Trump is now the latest super power leader that is attempting to lift the heavy and burdensome stone of Jerusalem. He promised many times in his presidential campaign to move the US embassy to Jerusalem if elected. This, of course is very controversial and, if fulfilled, will almost certainly lead to massive push back from the Arab and Moslem world. It would be tantamount to affirming that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and as such should not be divided.

In just a few weeks I will be in Jerusalem for the 50th year celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem. Recently, President Trump decided to also visit Israel on this momentous occasion and there has been much speculation that he would perhaps take the opportunity to announce to the world that the US is long last moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Many presidents, Republican and Democrat, have promised to do this but after elected decided against it for political reasons. The question is will this President keep his campaign promise to do so. President Trump prides himself on keeping every campaign promise so perhaps he will be the one to resist the inevitable Moslem pressure and accomplish this herculean political task.

From my prophetic perspective, anytime the US comes down on the side of supporting God’s prophetic and restorative agenda for Israel, it is a good thing. It provides a supernatural buffer of divine favor against the enemies of Israel and her ally, the USA. I know it sounds counter-intuitive because it would appear on the surface of the matter that such a move would enflame Moslem anger and further expose the US to the increased risk of more terrorist attacks. However, I remind myself, that there is nothing that trumps (excuse the irony) God’s favor and divine protection.

Let us pray that President Trump follows through on his Jerusalem embassy campaign promise. It’s wise to be on the Creators good side in times of trouble.


Joel Chernoff

General Secretary/CEO
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America



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