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Executive Board

MJAA Executive Board Members

Rabbi Larry Feldman, President

Frank Lowinger, Vice President

Rabbi David Chernoff, Secretary

Rabbi Eric Lakatos, Treasurer

Rabbi David Levine, Member

Rabbi Charles Kluge, Member

Rabbi Dr. Michael Stepakoff, Member

Rabbi Paul Liberman, Member

Rabbi Michael Wolf, Member

Rabbi Jeffrey Forman, Member

Mr. Jason Rich, YMJA President

Ms. Danielah Blackburn, YMJA Vice President

Rabbi Kevin Solomon, YMJA Executive Director

Mr. Joel Chernoff, General Secretary/CEO

Honorary Executive

Mrs. Hope Edelstein, Member

Mr. Jeff Lowenthal Esq., Member

Mrs. Dotti Solomon, Member

The MJAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible in accordance with law. Your generous contribution will be used to support this and all ministries of the MJAA