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Southeast Regional, Orlando FL
By: Betre Kenna
In: Regional Conferences
Jul 15, 2016


December 15-17, 2017 at Rosen Plaza in Orlando FL

Check back for registration



Krista ward

Date: 15 Jul, 2016


Jacqueline Harris

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Requesting information to regional conference

RHian Tomassetti

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Jacqueline please contact conferenceservices@mjaa.org for details. Blessings.

Barbara Johnson

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Please send complete details regarding the upcoming South East Conference December 16-18, hotel, parking, speakers, etc. Today and Shalom.


Date: 15 Jul, 2016

These details are not yet available. Please contact conferenceservices@mjaa.org for updates.

Johane Benyehuda

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Hello. I would like more information about the conference. Thank you, and L'Shanah Tovah!

Deborah Japp

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Can you please send me info about the December conference in Orlando? Thanks so much. Happy Rpsh Hashanah. Deborah Japp deborahjapp1@reagan.com

Sheila Bethel

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Please send me information on the Conference in December.. Thanks

Danielle Morris

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Would you have suggestions on how a Christian could effectively witness to a Jewish person. Thank you in advance.

Geoffrey max Mordecai spiro

Date: 15 Jul, 2016

You seem to be doing good work, I can contribute valuable Torah insights that are the latest relevant news, this could assist Rabbi Johnatan Kahn. The Jews attained Josef status on Purim. The Nations under Ninve attained Israel status during the period of Yonah. The redemption must occur by April 19 2018. It depends on the bones of rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. For this movement to occur unity of the tribe of Josef must occur. This can only be achieved through joy. This can only happen by spreading the song NaNach which is actually the silver trumpet of Moses just like the petek is the letter from mount Sinai.


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